1Password for iOS, the gold standard in mobile password security, is currently listed as a free download ($10 value)   Leave a comment

Really good deal on a really good password manager – maybe today only. Save ten bucks!

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Wall Street Wakes-Up to the Folly of Samsung’s Volume Strategy   Leave a comment

Wall Street Wakes-Up to the Folly of Samsung’s Volume Strategy

People are finally beginning to see that just because you “ship” more units, it doesn’t translate into an efficient or profitable sales strategy.

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Hidden iOS 7 settings show new features, including hiding pre-installed apps, folders inside folders, and more   Leave a comment

I’m getting really eager to see and use the new iOS. It really look promising and fun!

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C’Ville Ride   Leave a comment

Great ride to C’Ville Wednesday. Started out at 26 degrees and broken Aerostich pants. The zipper pull ended up breaking off after the third repair attempt in Berkeley Springs. I ended up taping the pants with electrical tape!

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The DOJ’s last best chance in the Apple e-book case has passed   Leave a comment

Too bad the gummint can’t frame big, bad, Apple, Inc. in a mythological conspiracy to raise the price of e-books. Now who will they pick on?

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Laurel Highlands BMW Riders Campout 2013   Leave a comment

Friday June 14 brings the annual Laurel Highlands BMW Riders Campout at Pioneer Park Campground between Somerset and Donegal, PA. It’s a fabulous event with even more fabulous motorcycle rides and roads.

If you’re not familiar with the LHBMWR, check us out!

I’ll be posting information and photos during the event so stay tuned – or better yet, come and visit us!

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Marginal GS/PD conditions!   Leave a comment

This winter was endless and this was the first GS/PD ride I was able to take in quite a while. It was on the top of the ridge at Laurel Summit, off RT 271 south of Johnstown. Elevation 2743′

The road was very icy, snowy and muddy and I had to ride the tire-track-width space to get to the end of the trail – an old gas well – nearly 7 miles down the road. And back.


The ride was relatively sloppy but I didn’t dump the bike, so that’s a good thing. Bottom line, any crappy day on a bike is better than any beautiful day in a car. A set of Continental TKC-80 knobbies aired down to about 20lbs of air pressure makes the job a bit easier, too!

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